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Free Preview Week

Sirius has a great product with exclusive content. If a consumer is not exposed to the content, they generally do not know what they are missing. There are also a large number of former subscribers that let their subscriptions lapse. Similar to cable TV, give them a free-preview week or weekend to see what they are missing.

Former listeners can get a taste of Stern, NFL, NHL, College Football, MLB, NASCAR, Oprah, Eminem, Martha Stewart, or the numerous radio channels. With all of the content, you are bound to get some listeners to come back on board. Offer them a 25% discount to re-sign with the company. It does not cost the company anything more, since the customer already has the radio.

This also gives you the opportunity to promote the Best of Sirius and Best of XM packages. Existing subscribers can give these new channels a test run before subscribing. It helps to promote the new services a bit more than telling people to sign up for them. This is important because many Sirius subscribers have never been XM subscribers and vice verse.

This same approach can also be used for Ala-Carte subscribers. If you allow them to preview the channels that they are not receiving, there is a good chance that they will add a few. They may even add some premium packages. Even if they only add a channel or two, it still adds to the bottom line.

Free previews certainly help the company to promote the product to those that no longer listen and to those that may not have been fully exposed to the complete Sirius XM experience. If you do this 4 times a year, you could add new money to each financial quarter.

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