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Sirius University

Searching Google for new stories about Sirius, I came across a story about getting better reception of Sirius in the dorms. It took me back to my college days and the new technologies that we were exposed to. I got to thinking about taking Sirius XM to campus.

Sirius should consider invading major college campuses on a few different levels. Sirius should work out a deal with the university to bring satrad to campus. They could put a repeater at each major university. Kids from all over the country would love being able to hear sports and other programming that may not be present in their local markets. They could listen to the other college football games. They could listen to all forms of music without being tied down to local programming. Sirius could also give local college radio some time on the air on a weekly basis. USC radio one week, PSU the next week, LSU another week......

Once you have an agreement in place with the university, offer college kids programming at a discounted rate through the school. Offer a yearly subscription that is only renewable through the school and possibly included in their tuition. Bring a Sirius tour bus with Howard Stern and O&A to promote the service.

College is a place of higher learning, but often is a new environment which does not offer all the comforts of home. With the number of students attending school at any given time, Sirius could quickly expand its user base and expose itself to the ingenuity that college inspires.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea!

Anonymous said...

Howard Stern is not going to do a Bus Tour.