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Ala Carte done easy

Ala carte for satellite radio is the ability for a user to define their programming, rather than receive and pay for everything. Satrad is the first of its kind to offer this type of service. I don't see this being very hard to set up.

They already have the capability to hide/block/remove channels from the programming received by customers. They have also marketed this capability in a "family friendly" package. This package removes "questionable" adult content channels, such as Howard Stern, Maxim Radio, and The Playboy Channel. I am sure this option saves parents a lot of grief answering questions about the birds and bees.

The most difficult piece of the equation is allowing all users the ability to chose individual channels from within their online account. Each programming choice would be saved off so that when a user turned on their radio, their programming choices would be pushed to the radio via an encrypted key. The encrypted key would contain the radio ID and 2 bits per channel in order to define on/off/advertising/non-advertised. Of course, any additional information could reside in this key.

A firmware update would be used to configure the radio to initialize itself based on this encrypted key. This key would tell each channel how to behave. This allows Sirius to offer any combination of channels and also allows them to offer free ad-supported content on a selected basis.

I am not sure I see a need for a new radio in order to do this. Of course, I am not privy to all the technicals of existing radios. It should be coming soon to a radio near you.

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