This site is dedicated to new ideas and concepts with regard to Sirius XM Satellite Radio. New technology, marketing ideas, and strategic partnerships are fair game. This site is for brainstorming and I welcome all new ideas.
DISCLOSURE: I own shares of Sirius XM Satellite Radio.


Welcome to the site

Welcome to my first blog. This site is intended for the sake of collaborating ideas and new concepts. I strongly believe that Sirius XM has a lot of unrealized potential. There are many directions which can be taken to further the footprint of satellite radio (satrad) into the U.S. and beyond.

Companies often narrowly define their product based on what the company feels that the end user would like the most. Sometimes they are right on the mark, sometimes they miss completely. I hope to foster the positives in this emerging technology and develop ideas to move it forward and adapt to the ever changing environment.

Enjoy the site.

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joe said...

Excellent! I'll be checking in frequently. Thanks for all your great ideas and support of SiriusXM.