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Sirius Emergencies

Disaster strikes when you least expect it. Sirius and XM have committed to providing up-to-date information hen an emergency presents itself anywhere in the country.

Sirius and XM have given the Red Cross a number of receivers for emergency purposes. As satrad becomes more widespread throughout the country, Sirius XM has the opportunity to aid greatly in coverage of these events for those affected by it. They also provide safety and evacuation information. Sirius XM should consider activating in the region. Work with terrestrial services in the area to notify anyone in the region about the service.

From a business perspective, it shows consumers the value in satrad. From a cummunity erspective, it saves lives.

Hurricane Gustav Emergency Services

SIRIUS Weather and Emergency channel 184
XM Emergency Alert channel 247
SIRIUS’ and XM’s news and weather channels deliver the latest breaking national news on the storm, its path and how it affects the county.

– CNN, SIRIUS channel 132 and XM channel 122
– CNN Headline News, SIRIUS channel 133 and XM channel 123
– CNN en Espanol, SIRIUS channel 92 and XM channel 126
– Fox News, SIRIUS channel 131 and XM channel 121
– The Weather Channel XM channel 125

Information provided by
Further information for evacuation routes available here
Another resource with projected storm paths located here - Thanks Don!

UPDATE: I am happy to say that Sirius is already doing this and radios in the affected region should have emergency information.

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