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Rock On Dudes!!

One of the strengths of satellite radio is the ability to broadcast music from one location to a nationwide audience. If Sirius XM had a few scattered locations throughout the country that could provide a platform for live performances, they could help promote local talent.

Live recordings or concerts of top (possibly unsigned) talent could help further localize and diversify the current content on satrad. Friends, family, and fans of local bands would flock to satrad to listen to and support these same bands. This is content that you don't get until a band has "made it". Think of it as an "American Idol" competition on radio.

One of these locations is XM's new building in Nashville, which sports an area for performances. This is the perfect location for country talent. How about locations in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, Seattle or Los Angeles?

Throw performance studios into the hotbeds of music talent and let them do the rest. It would create such a buzz about Sirius XM on the music scene that the publicity alone would make it a worthwhile investment by the company.

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Brilliant idea!