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As many are already aware, a program is in development for accessing Sirius XM content on the iPhone. Though I am sure they had this project in the works before I sent it on to Sirius XM management, it is nice to see that they are thinking about other revenue streams besides auto installations. Since some of my suggestions have not yet come to light, I will go into each one and explain why it is a serious opportunity for the company.

My suggestions to Sirius XM:
  1. Open Sirius and XM API to third party developers - This allows company to tap cell phone market via wireless internet. Applications could be developed for Palm, iPhone, and other 3G/4G devices to sign into existing Sirius/XM accounts. If Apple and Sirius XM worked together on this, they could potentially turn an iPhone into a virtual Stiletto! It could become a selling point for both the iPhone and Sirius.
  2. Internet-only subscription - Without a satellite radio, there is no need for a full-blown subscription. A cheaper fee ($5) could be charged for internet radio to help push its adoption. Of course, this requires some constraints on the user account accessing the service. Each login would have to be limited to one user at a time to prevent misuse.
  3. User logins - All users must be required to login to listen to radio service. Each phone could save off the password for ease-of-use. Login must be required in order to take owness for protection of Sirius XM content out of the hands of cell phone providers.
  4. Free trial subscriptions - From time to time Sirius and Apple could offer promotions where 1-3 months of Sirius XM internet radio is available for free. I am of the impression that once people start listening to superior content, they will not go back to terrestrial radio or stale playlists.
  5. Free Ad-based subscriptions - Sirius and XM could sell targetted, location-based ads which would be displayed to the consumer while they listen to their Sirius XM programming. These ads could also be audible in place of content while the user listens. The user could elect to receive this type of service instead of paying for the service.

With everything in place, I feel that this opens the door to another major dual revenue stream that has thus-far eluded satrad.

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coolbreeze said...

One other feature that I think would be a big seller is if they incorporated a bluetooth gateway in newer SAT radio designs that would allow you to connect to any receiver (without the need for activation) and authenticate via mobile device to unlock the receiver to access the subscribed plan. This could also load user specific customizations, presets, etc...
This would allow you to connect to any open device and reduce activation costs/overhead, etc...