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What's going on?

I am always listening to my radio in what I feel is a limited fashion. What I mean by this is that I listen to the channels I listen to, but never know what is on elsewhere. Unless I am looking for something specific, I don't know what I am missing. This is why I believe Sirius XM needs an on-screen guide.

Something like this should not be difficult to implement and would greatly improve program visibility. It would nicely integrate into the recording device and enhance the listening experience. It could be very similar to the DVR service that many people enjoy for TV viewing.

I see a guide that can be viewed as a hour-by-hour page with each channel defined. I can also see a selected channel being broken down based on programming if you already know what channel you want.

I think something like this would help me find what I want without constantly checking out the website. I think it would supplement the navigation system and further enhance the satrad experience. C'mon Sirius!! Gimme my guide!

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Dugie said...

I hope the new Sirius/XM marketing and R&D divisions have the ability to receive some of your ideas. A current schedule would be a great addition and make the product even more exciting