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Multizone listening

My wife's a little bit of country. I'm a little bit of rock-n-roll. We are sometimes at odds over what to listen to. It is my car, so I win most of the time. How do you make all passengers in the car happy? You probably guessed that the answer could be multizone listening.

Imagine this: One receiver gets the satellite radio signal into the car and then redistributes the signal via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or hard-wired to all receivers in the car. This could allow for multiple receivers to piggyback on the car's signal so each user can have their own listening experience. This could be via another head unit in the back seat or portable devices. Toss in a wireless headset and everyone is happy.

This same idea could be adapted to restaurants or other public locations. How about satrad hotspots with free listening at McDonalds? All of this free listening could be subsidized with commercials. How about business subs with satrad jukeboxes?

I guess my point here is that with multizone listening, my wife gets to listen to whatever she likes without affecting my listening experience. It allows the kids to listen to all the Disney Radio they like while I listen to Linkin Park.

Conceptually, it would be something like this, but adapted to use in the car. The price could use some work too.

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Anonymous said...

GM s Acadia has remote zone in Back seat-listener in Front can listen to what ever and Passenger in back can switch remote console and plug head phones and listen to IPD,CD or music --its pretty good,plus DVD entertaiment is great in back seat-for our 4 egged daughter she loves her doggy dvds ,