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Gimme a heads up

I must admit that I still sometimes channel surf. I don't have to haggle with commercials, but I tend to be indecisive with my listening. If I don't feel like listening to a song, I move on to the next favorite channel. Is there a way to get me to settle down and prevent all the channel flipping?

How about a preview pane? It could give you a heads up on what song or songs are coming up next. This enhancement could help users see what they would be missing if they decided to change the channel. I would make this an option that could be disabled via the settings menu.

How about allowing a user to set up a recording wish list? What about an alert if a favorite artist is in a channel's "coming up" list? Lists could be set up by song title, artist or event type. This makes it easier for the user to record what they want without hovering over the "Love" button. This could be added to Sirius Studio.

With a few minor enhancements, satellite radio could further distinguish itself from terrestrial radio services.

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