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Sirius Apple Device

The message boards and stock speculators are abuzz with the news that Sirius and Apple will each be speaking separately on the same day (9/9/08) in California. While some of the talk may be "pie in the sky", there are some good points being made about a potential partnership.

Apple and Sirius may officially announce a new application to run on the iPhone. This application is a confirmed fact as far as I have seen, but it is unknown if the application is completed or not. This would give Sirius XM a new platform to grow into. Regardless of what some may say, Sirius has the content that people want. Another source for subscribers is more than welcome.

Apple is also supposed to announce a new product of some sort. It is suspected to be a revamped iPod nano or possibly a new iTouch. With the recent talk of stale playlists and declining podcast acceptance, there seems to be another buzz: A Sirius and Apple partnership for a new portable device.

I cannot think of a better fit for each company's technologies. Sirius is moving away from designing their own radios. Apple designs devices. Sirius has fresh and exclusive content. Apple (as I mentioned before) is looking for fresh content. Sirius plays various genres and helps promote new music. Apple has new music for sale, but doesn't have the method to distribute without the user actually looking for the music.

If Apple were to take an iTouch-like device and add satrad capabilities, it would provide Sirius with a new platform to bring in new subscribers. It would allow Apple to sell new devices and further their reach into digital music distribution. Make it a device that can easily transfer to the car and it could allow Apple to beat Microsoft to the punch in automotive music sales. Sirius gets a slice of each music sale and in return facilitates the download of digital music directly into your vehicle. All you have to do is hit the "buy" button and it is yours forever. The strong content on Sirius will advertise and sell users on the music Apple is selling. And imagine what this device becomes if you also pair it up with Sirius navigation and weather services.

I know I am living in the clouds on this one, but if Apple and Sirius get together on this one, it could be mutually beneficial. It would be the "killer app" that everyone is looking for with the branding behind it to gain massive acceptance.


Anonymous said...

What you have just described is the walkman of the future. SM and XM replace AM and FM, and and ipod replace the cassette or cd player.

INPRO said...

It is a very interesting analysis, one of which I subscribe to. If you and I are right, then I expect a significant jump in Sirius' shares. Most interesting is that both Jobs and Mel will be speaking in California on September 9th. What could Mel possibly talk about other than the last quarter earnings? Jobs' "Let's Rock" slogan def. hints at something looming insofar as music is concerned. So, we will see and let's pray that you and I are right.