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Numa Numa? Huh?

Ok. So the Numa Numa guy isn't exactly great entertainment. It does however bring up something that Sirius does not have a lot of: regional or ethnic music.

Sirius doesn't exactly have loads of free space to go down this road yet. Perhaps further advances in data compression will allow the addition of more diverse types of music. I'm thinking Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, and Japanese music. I know we already have a few channels for Korean, Latin, Reggae, French and Canadian music. What if we had 2-3 channels for each?

Delivering that sort of diversity would further enhance the listening experience and bring in pockets of new listeners. These communities exist throughout America and would love to experience their own national content.

I could do without hearing Numa Numa on the radio, but apparently there is at least one guy in America that likes that stuff.

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