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Techies Rule

Like I said, techies rule the world. So why don't they have their own channel? How about getting a channel like G4 for the guys who like their gadgets? You could use the very same channel as an advertising venue to promote the latest tech toys on the market.

Interviews from some of the leaders in technology and innovators would be cool. Call in talk shows would give the geeks of the world access to some of the brightest minds. Could be a great place for girlfriends and wives to start their Christmas lists for the man in their lives. Talk about the iPhone, Android, mobile browsing, backseat TV, satellite radio, and WI-MAX. Talk about the origins of Microsoft. Talk about Google.

Rather than fight your competition, reach out to their techie base and give them something to nerd-out over. You may even be able to turn Sirius's technical concerns into competitions. It could drastically further Sirius in an open-source world.

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