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Sirius Satcasting

With all the talk of Apple getting involved with Sirius XM in some capacity, whether it is a new device or the uSirius application for the iPhone, I got to thinking about one thing Apple has that Sirius does not: The Podcast.

All things being equal, Sirius XM has exceptional content. Sometimes you miss a program that you were looking to hear. Maybe you forgot to record it. You missed that concert or game. You were listening to Howard 100 and missed Oprah. You missed a few Mad Money episodes in your archive for when you need a good laugh. You came in late and don't want to miss anything. What do you do?

Sirius should consider the Sirius XM podcast (aka. the Satcast). Downloadable subscriber-only sports, concerts, and special programming that has occurred. This is particularly valuable with respect to sports programs. A user simply cannot record and listen to all of college football on any given Saturday.

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